Himalayan Gourmet Salt for the Kitchen

A Natural Alternative to Sea Salt

People all across Europe and America are making a healthier choice. They are choosing Himalayan Crystal Salt. This is the salt consumed by the natives of the sub-continent for centuries. It is quite distinct from refined sea-salt, which is used regularly.

Completely Chemical Free

Himalayan Crystal Salt is completely chemical free. Crystal salt rocks used for our products were formed millions of years ago by natural forces. Layers of salt settled deep beneath the Himalaya range were exposed to considerable pressure and intense temperatures, resulting in the formation of this rare crystal salt. The higher the amount of pressure, the more superior the crystalline structure.

Compare that to refined sea salt that is man-made. A great percentage of sea salt today is processed. With the ocean becoming increasingly polluted, sea salt is far from ideal. Recent government warnings about the increased levels of mercury in our oceans limit us to eat fish only once or twice a month.

Several international experts—cardiologists, neurologists, dieticians and researchers— have endorsed Himalayan salt. All food salt is 94-97% sodium chloride, but the difference comes from the mineral balance of the remaining 3-6 percent. Himalayan Crystal Salt contains up to 84 trace minerals, including those essential for good health and vitality (e.g. natural fluoride, natural iodine, calcium).

Now Available at MAK Mystic Expressions

We are pleased to offer the following gourmet salt products to our customers:

box of gourmet salt - fine grind

1.1 lbs. (500g) in a recyclable box

salt grinder set

Grinder has durable ceramic blades. Incl. a refill container of salt: 8.9 oz. (250g)

box of gourmet salt - fine grind

1.1 lbs. (500g) in a recyclable box

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grilled salmon

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